Modern, Gender Neutral Nursery

gender-neutral-nursery-decor-ideas-new-baby-room-modern-nurseryIf you're keeping the gender of your new baby a surprise, then you may love this modern nursery decor.

I hear so often that couples cannot agree on the colour or decor for the new nursery, but choosing a soft white colour palette with accents of soft oak or birch wood, tends to be a great compromise! 

Now, no one wants an all white room, that would be too clinical and stark looking. The key is to add personality and warmth - the easiest way you can do this is by accessorising with some fun (and large!!) cuddly toys. The reason why decorating this way works so well, is that, as your little one grows, and their bedroom decor needs to change / their interests and toys evolve, you don't have to completely overhaul the room at every stage of their lives.cute-nursery-interior-with-jungle-theme-nursery-wall-art-prints-white-nursery-furniture-modern-nursery

I wanted to go with a White Company / Studio McGee feel in this nursery, by using various soft shades of white, bringing in textures from the chair fabric, Dinosaur and Whale toys, natural shades in the cot bed linen, blanket and natural jute rug.cute-nursery-interior-with-jungle-theme-nursery-wall-art-prints-white-nursery-furniture-modern-nursery

With such a paired back interior scheme, I decided to go with feature lighting. I adore this modern floor lamp by Crate & Barrel - it's soft curvy lines are perfect for baby's room. The table lamp on the cupboard is an absolute favourite of mine - designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel (if you don't follow her, you absolutely should!!) and is part of a beautiful collection she's designed with West Elm. I admit, I have a total design crush on anything Sarah creates! Below are some of my favourite pieces from the collection... check out the mushroom stool... toooo cute!!!cute-nursery-interior-with-jungle-theme-nursery-wall-art-prints-white-nursery-furniture-modern-nursery

Right, let's talk about cuddly toys / stuffed toys / plushies, whatever you like to call them, they are a vital part of any child's bedroom. I can honestly say, this giant croc has been popular with children of all ages at our home... from baby, to toddler, and even the grown ups! If you splurge on one item for your jungle safari themed room, make it him... you won't be disappointed. Another couple of toys which last the ages, are the dinosaur and whale from Big Stuffed. These are fantastic quality, and make a great gift to new parents - not only are they fun for the kids to play with, but they make great nursery decor too.cute-nursery-interior-with-jungle-theme-nursery-wall-art-prints-white-nursery-furniture-modern-nursery


Storage is an important part of any nursery, and the cupboard shown here by Oliver Furniture fits the bill perfectly. I have a lot of Oliver Furniture products here from when I had my studio, and they're fantastic quality! This cupboard is perfect for storing away all forms of baby bits n bobs, nappies, swaddling cloths and there's even a smart, wooden, circular button on the side which pops out, so you can hang a little outfit on. Oliver furniture have an amazing range - I'll pop my favourites below.oliver-furniture-nursery-decor-minimalist-scandi-interior-kids-room-baby-room-gender-neutral-nursery-ideas-Wood-Mini+_basic_wheel

Ok, first up, its the Oliver Furniture Wood Mini + Basic - this is a fantastic investment as it's designed to follow your child's sleeping needs from baby to 9 years old! With features such as a raised and lowered bottom and removable bars, the bed is designed to grow with the child and can quickly be changed from crib to junior bed – with or without a bed guard. From classic cot bed to junior bed, it can be set in five different bed versions at no extra cost – a bed with a long lifespan! As a side-note, the Mini+ beds are smaller in both width and length than the beds from the "Original series" and are ideal in a small children's room. If you're after a full sized single, it's the "Original Series" you need, which takes a standard single mattress. The Mini series is cot bed size - hope that helps!nursery-decor-ideas-cute-nursery-art-baby-room-interior-design-for-kidswith features such as a raised and lowered bottom and removable bars. The bed is designed to grow with the child, can quickly be changed from crib to junior bed – with or without a bed guard. From classic cot bed to junior bed, Mini+ basic can be set in five different bed versions at no extra cost – a bed with a long lifespan.  The Mini+ beds are smaller in both width and length than, for example, the beds from the Original series and are ideal in a small children's room.

You can also buy a conversion kit to transform it into the fun bunk bed below! I adore these - and they're fantastic for small bedrooms where play space is limited.

woodland-nursery-decor-ideas-cute-nursery-art-baby-room-interior-design-for-kidsThe second most important item of furniture you need in your new minimalist nursery, is a dresser... and this one is a beaut! Combining function, looks and storage, this 6 drawer dresser has ample space for nursery essentials, keeping them at hand so you never have to turn your back on your baby. On top is a removable changing plate - they have a choice of full plate, or half plate, leaving space to the side. Once they're out of nappies, simply remove the changing plate and hey-presto, you have a stylish set of drawers for your toddler room.nursery-decor-ideas-cute-nursery-art-baby-room-interior-design-for-kids

If you're looking for a stylish baby rocker to match your natural nursery interior, then you'll adore their wood baby rocker. As per usual with Oliver Furniture, it transitions as your child grows. Unlike most baby bouncers, this rocker will accommodate your child from 0 to 7 years (25kg max) - perfect for nursery or pop it in a reading corner once they're a little older.nursery-decor-ideas-cute-nursery-art-baby-room-interior-design-for-kids

Right, I've waffled on for enough now - it's time to give you what you came for - shoppable images: