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    Introduce a timeless aesthetic to your kitchen interior with this exquisite white frame, including art of your choosing. Carefully handcrafted to bring a subtle yet sophisticated presence to your space, this unique piece boasts a stunning contrast between its rustic frame and still life apples art, evoking an elegant vintage feel. Perfect for adding a touch of classic chic to any interior.

    UK ONLY - we are currently selling our custom vintage frames to UK customers only, however, we do offer unframed versions of all designs to customers worldwide - tap HERE


    You can choose to have the art "as shown" in the product images, or if you prefer a different design from our store, please paste the link to the page in the box above (just above the "add to bag" button). Not all artwork fits every frame, but we can work with you to create a finished piece that you love. We can digitally mock up how art will look in your frame, so you can make an informed choice (charge may apply). 

    To choose your art, please CLICK HERE to see full collection.

    NEED HELP? If you would like to message Rachael directly, please tap the "chat with us" button in the bottom right corner of the website.


    Frame - beautiful, white, hand finished vintage-style frame.

    Print - Giclée inks, printed by professionals onto 200gsm fine art paper (museum quality). Rachael then applies a specialised coating to the paper, which not only protects the inks from sunlight and dirt, but also seals it, making it water repellent. This negates the use of traditional glazing in the frames, meaning your art can be viewed from any angle - and for the interiors influencers out there, it makes art a lot easier to photograph (hurrah!).

    Condition (near perfect) - as this frame is made from the off-cuts of expensive mouldings (it's how we make these stunners affordable), some may have knocks and bumps here and there... but we feel these simply add to the charm. This little beauty is in near perfect condition - any imperfections will be shown in the product imagery.

    Size - picture 8x6 inch / frame 13x11 inch

    Feel Good - made from offcuts of expensive, hand finished mouldings (saves what would be wasted). Supports hardworking, local and independent businesses

    NON-RETURNABLE - due to this frame being the only one in existence, we do not accept returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

    UK ONLY - we are currently selling our custom vintage frames to UK customers only, however, we do offer unframed versions of all designs to customers worldwide

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