Gender Neutral Nursery Decor


So, you're keeping the gender of your baby a surprise, but you still want an adorable nursery set up in time for your new bundle of joy? Well the great news is that this is totally achievable and it doesn't have to be an insipid shade of pastel yellow to be deemed "neutral".

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Our Hello Little One Giraffe print is a fantastic starting point - loved by many - I get sent videos of babies gazing up at it smiling away - apparently it works well hung above the changing station as a distraction. Shown here in our natural wood frame, 18x24 inches. Click here to shop

The black Born to be Wild Print sits alongside our giraffe print perfectly. This design is available in a multitude of colourways, so there's something to suit all tastes and decor. Click here to shop


This DIY faux leaf garland is incredibly easy to make - and cheap! It's a great way to fill blank wall space, especially if you're on a budget. PLEASE NOTE; this garland is not a toy and must be kept out of arms reach of little ones.

Step 1: You'll need to purchase the two items below (click to shop);

- Pack of faux leaves £11.95, Amazon

- Faux vine £7.95, Amazon

Step 2: Have the following tools to hand:

- Wire cutters or a good sharp/heavy duty pair of scissors 

- Sewing needle and thread OR stapler

- Adhesive hooks or wall nails for hanging 

Step 3: Lay your vine on the floor and hand sew on ALL the largest monstera leaves, evenly spaced apart so that they don't touch. Or if you're lazy like me, you can just staple them on ;)

Step 4: Lay the rest of leaves out on the floor and hang your vine up somewhere where you can reach it (this is just whilst you make it).

TIP: I found it worked well to thread some of the leaves up like the below - simply poke the metal through the leaf

TIP: Shape some of the leaves as you go so you get a more realistic looking garland

Step 5: Start to bend the wire of the leaves like the below, and then thread that wire through the vine. My advice is to not fully fix anything into place just yet - wait until the end to do that. Keep threading the leaves through the vine

TIP: Keep larger leaves to the back and use smaller leaves in the forefront / at the top near the vine

TIP: You're only given x3 of some leaf varieties, so be sure to space those evenly; one at each end and one in the middle (for example)

TO FINISH: Keep threading the leaves through and standing back to have a look. Once you're happy with your arrangement, you can trim off the wire (if you like - again, I'm lazy and just left mine!). I also trimmed off any plastic that peeled off the wires, like the below, but again, totally optional. Then just hang in your desired place - I used whatever screws and nails I had to hand to pop mine up, but adhesive hooks work well too - just ensure it's going to stay up as you don't want little hands getting hold of it!


Who'd have thought my simple solution to covering up an ugly radiator would be so popular! I had a local handyman make this for me, the total cost was circa £130 (materials and labour included!). I've written about how to make it on this blog HERE


- The white on the walls is Wevet by Farrow & Ball

- The green is Bancha by Farrow & Ball

TIP: The website below is blummin' amazing and suggests alternative paint brands to Farrow and Ball colours: 


Click to shop:

1. Hello wire wool sign, by Hey Kiddo Studio

2. Rattan Petal Mirror, by The Rattan Company

3. Born to be Wild Print, by Pretty in Print Art

4. Hello Little One Giraffe Print, by Pretty in Print Art

5. DIY Faux Leaf Garland, scroll up to read where to buy & how to make

6. Toys, from Scandiborn

7. Scalloped Edge Radiator Cover, DIY - scroll back up for info / paint colour

8. Wooden Animal Safari Toys, Ferm Living

9. Giant Giraffe Stuffed Toy, John Lewis

10. Faux Banana Tree, Blooming Artificial 

11. Snake Toy, Liewood 

Alternatives: Ferm Living Snake | Oyoy Living Snake | MeriMeri Snake

12. Cot / Crib, Ikea Sniglar Cot (only £40 or £60!)

13. Boho Style Blanket, Anthropologie 

14. Rattan Basket, Homesense

15. Jute Rug (Lohal), Ikea

16. Elephant Toy, Liewood

Alternatives: Liewood Elephant (smaller)  | Personalised Elephant Toy