Bedding for Kids Rooms

kids-bedding-toddler-bed-linen-cheap-duvets-kids-room-childs-bedroomIf you follow me on Instagram, you'll be well aware of my obsession for soft furnishings. In particular, I adore creating cosy looking beds for children's bedrooms - you can have so much fun layering colours, textures and fabrics and what toddler won't love having big comfy, poofy bed to jump into every night... if they need a little encouragement, fill it with their soft toys! I hear the giant croc toy I often feature are a huge hit!

Please note - I predominantly buy standard single sized bedding. Throughout this blog, I will list bedding available in either Junior or Standard Single sizes. Please do check that you are buying the correct size for your duvet.

Affordable Bedding

Let's start with the budget friendly variety of bedding, this is your solid day-to-day duvet covers and bed linen that will withstand everything your kiddies throw at it... or if they destroy it, you won't cry over a lost investment of thread-count.


- First up, H&M, it's my go-to for cheap, but well made bed linen and sheets. They offer themed bedding with images on like pretty acorns, space theme or even unicorn bed linen, however.... my absolute favourite is their linen quilt covers and pillow cases. Considering how expensive other linen bedding can be, I felt it was excellent value for money. Offering quality and quantity, with pillow cases being thrown in for the same price... hands up all of those who, like me, often forget to order the pillowcase! I have the linen bedding in beige and blush pink colour that they call "powder beige"... and I've just spotted, as I write this blog, that they have a cotton offering and a new soft flannel version too. If you don't already know, linen is beautiful to sleep in, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter - plus it's meant to look creased, so zero ironing! Throw on the bed for that casual, lived-in vibe. Prices start from £59.99 for single duvet with pillow case included.

Here are some of my H&M Favourites (Standard Single Sizes):


Below is how I styled the H&M beige linen bedding:


- Next it's IKEA, a family staple for most! I have been using IKEA bedding for us for years. The duvet covers I have had have washed well and lasted, but eventually I find that the poppers fall off in the wash. There's always something for every budget in IKEA - and at the moment, I'm loving:
  1. BERGPALM, available in white, pink and green (£22)

  2. NATTSLÄNDA, white with flowers (£24)

  3. VÄNKRETS, white with dots (£14)

  4. BARNDRÖM, teal green with cars (£9)

  5. VÄNKRETS, white with check pattern (£9)

  6. VÄNKRETS, blue with bananas (£14)

  7. Or if you want simple plain white bed linen, try: OFELIA VASS, white (£35)

Other great shops to try for affordable children's bed linen are:

Independent Brands

Personally, I see bedding as a bit of an investment. When you buy something handmade by an independent brand, you are purchasing something which should be cherished for as long as it will last. If you like to "Shop Small" or "Shop Independent", then you'll love this part of the blog. The duvet covers and blankets here will wash well, over and over! They will withstand stains, and, as they are not "in-your-face-themed" (like Disney bedding), will out-see any current trend for kids bedrooms... meaning you won't need to change their bedding every five minutes. Buy well, buy once is usually my motto.

The space theme room above has some of my favourite bedding brands in - and, whilst the star bedding is "themed", it was too lovely not to include;

- Striped Fitted Sheet; Rebecca, the owner and founder of Little Jagger, used to be a tailor on Savile Row. I can honestly say, it's the most perfectly sewn fitted sheet I have ever had. The fabric is thick and I have no idea how she folds them so neatly! Rebecca has a whole host of fun bedding, my personal favourites are the striped sheets, cushions and autumnal themed bed linen. Oh, and she also offers a bespoke service too!

- Quilted Blanket; The hand quilted blanket in this room is by Camomile London. They don't appear to be selling the exact one I've used here, but I've linked to their Blue Ticking striped version, which I actually might prefer! I adore this brand and want to buy everything they create! Camomile London believes in simple, functional, beautiful spaces. Creating a calm and inviting environment for rest, play and modern living, with un-compromised quality and detail

- Blue Star Bed Linen; Hibou Home is an independent UK brand, Emma (the founder) creates the softest bedding, using only 100% organic cotton. With a palette of Scandinavian inspired colours, their bedding, wallpaper and accessories are designed to harmonise beautifully with the rest of your home and last for years

Here is another of my favourite space themed rooms, you can shop the entire look here - it features some more beautiful bedding from Camomile London and Poppy & Honesty:

*Visit our Shop The Looks page for more inspiration

Poppy & Honesty

Right, Time for something a little more girly! It's no secret that I love using Liberty Fabrics in children's bedrooms - I just think it adds a fun flash of sophistication. Liberty fabric designs are also timeless, so these really are worth investing in! Made from oh-so-soft cotton, your little one will love to snuggle up at nighttime.

One brand who I have worked with a lot is Poppy & Honesty - her image below is a fine example of how to layer sumptuous Liberty linens for an overly girly bed, befitting of any floral lover. Poppy & Honesty offer duvet sets, quilted blankets, cushions, quilts, mattresses and much more! Sewn by hand in Cornwall, run by founder and mummy to two boys Sophie, every single item I've had has been impeccable and beautifully wrapped.

Moozle Home

Former fashion turned textile designer, Kate, designs eye catching, eco friendly bedding. All of her linens are low waste and come from sustainable productions. Kate designs the patterns herself - one of my favourites is her 1970's set (which I have, but have yet had time to use!), seen in the shoppable image below... She has recently released canopy's in the same fabrics, offers fabrics by the meter, fitted sheets and many more handmade goodies!

Swedish Linens

I feel like I need to cover fitted sheets a little more, and what better way, than to introduce you to Swedish Linens. Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Portugal (the holy grail of EU fabric producers), they create premium bed sheets with an emphasis on having a minimal impact on the planet. 100% organic cotton, their designs have become iconic on Instagram... and I've only just got my hands on some! I've not had time to style these beauties yet, so instead, here are three of the designs I went for, and which art I plan to use them with.

BELOW: Swedish Linens Waves Sheet Kyoto Blue | Whale Art | The World is your Oyster Art

BELOW: Swedish Linens Olive Green Rainbow Sheet | Badger Art | Fox Art

BELOW: Swedish Linens Rainbows Terracotta Fitted SheetSolar System Art | Cool Kids Art

Camomile London

I've touched on Camomile London briefly, but, oooooh my goodness, I WANT IT ALL - and whats more, you guys seem to love it too! Every piece of bedding they design, whether it be a blanket, a quilt, duvet cover or cushion, it's all timeless... and the beauty of that is, that with it's excellent quality, they not only last forever, but never go out of style either. Below are some of my favourites, but I'll also let you into a little secret - they always have an outlet sale going on - you can find it here.


I absolutely love the earthy and calming tones that Camomile use throughout their product ranges. Here are some of my favourite for either boys or a gender neutral bedroom. Keep scrolling for their floral offering! 

plain-kids-bedding-toddler-bed-linen-children's-room-duvet-covers-timeless-bedding-for-kids-scandi-style-beddingCamomile London have also recently released Liberty Fabric designs - I adore these quilts below, team them with their coordinating ticking fabric bed linen for an effortlessly stylish bedroom makeover. 


Well... I couldn't have a blog without including the lovely Grace and team over at Scandiborn! As most of you will know, Scandiborn are the home of everything Scandinavian style for kids - they were the original inspiration for my styling annnnnnd have always been there to support my little business, without asking for anything in return - I adore these guys, plus, they predominantly have the best prices (which is what got me shopping with them in the first place!). So here goes...

One of my favourite brands that Scandiborn stock is Liewood. Known for their quality, you likely already have products by this Copenhagen universe of adorable things. Their bed linen is 100% organic cotton, soft and breathable with an invisible zipper rather than poppers. Below are some of my favourite designs, with coordinating artwork - the image is shoppable, so tap away! 


This quilted throw below is also by Liewood - I have it in a mustard shade here, and I've teamed it with the striped Ferm Living blanket for a super cosy look. You can pretty much buy this entire room at Scandiborn... again, all products tagged below:


If you're struggling to find which fitted sheets fit the Oliver Furniture Junior sized bed (like the bed above, but smaller), then Scandiborn have advised the following: Try searching for sheets at 70cm x 160cm. The Oliver Furniture junior mattress is 68 x 162cm - the following shops usually stock this size:

Let's end on something pink and girly, I often veer towards the gender neutral / more boyish colour palettes, so it makes a nice change to showcase a mix of blush and soft peach. Below is my selection of Scandiborn's bed linen for girls bedrooms (boy's are allowed pink too!), you'll notice it includes a lot of Liewood again, but there's also some Cam Cam Copenhagen and a nod to Hibou Home again, as, the shade of dusky pink she uses is simply too pretty to leave out:


Well my pretties, that just about wraps up this blog extravaganza! I've tried to cover everything that I tend to get asked about where I buy all my bedding from. To sum up, if you're on a budget, choose affordable bed linen and perhaps splash out on a blanket which will last the years. If budget isn't an issue, get lost in layers of beautiful, timeless fabrics!

Until next time.... toodle-pip!