The Best IKEA KURA Bed Hacks for Kids


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Let's face it, we all love a good IKEA hack, especially when it comes to the kids bedrooms. One week they want a house bed, the next week a spaceship bed and before you know it, they're too cool for all of that, and they want a grown up bed because they've decided they're a "tween" already.

Keeping up with child demands can be costly, but fear not, the IKEA KURA bed is here to rescue you from expensive DIY woes... at just £179, this full sized single bed can accommodate anything your imagination (or your child's), can throw at it. 

In this blog, I will talk you through the basics of the Kura bed hacks, from very simple, to a little more complicated... so here goes, lots ways to use an IKEA KURA bed that your kids will love...

What is the Ikea Kura bed?

Ok, so, first things first... what is the IKEA KURA bed? It's a brilliant white and natural wood children's bed which is reversible. In its most basic form, it looks like the below - these are the two combinations of bed and bunk bed style that you can have straight out of the box. It's incredibly easy to build and its simple scandi-style styling will go with any kids interior.ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom

Let's start simple - IKEA actually sell easy to fit bed canopy's which will transform your Kura bed into an exciting camp space for your child to sleep in. I'll admit, in the past, I haven't been a fan of these things, but bravo to IKEA, these tents below actually pass the style test.

Dinosaur interiors are HUGE right now, so this cool night time dino tent will be adored by mini prehistoric fans all round. It comes with a little crawl hole - and I love how IKEA have styled it here:  


If it's dinosaur interior inspiration you're looking for - you'll love our blog HERE - or tap the image below:


BLOG-kids-dinosaur-art-land-rover-defender-art-kids-art-prints-set-of-prints-3 copy 


The image above is a computer generated room, but it's so real looking, isn't it! It's a great way to use CGI to demonstrate how to create a simple IKEA hack. To achieve this look, all you need is your KURA bed, the TROFAST frame with your choice of drawers and some MDF for the scalloped shapes around the edge. The image below shows the exposed storage unit inside, perfect for tidying away toys in their hideout.

I like this design for its simplicity, practicality, but also being easy to build and cheap to make!


If you're not so handy at DIY, but still like this bunk bed + storage combination, try the below ideas for easy kura trofast hacks:

Perhaps you love the KURA beds low cost and practicality, but you don't have time for a DIY project, and want to keep things simple - below is a selection of stylish ways to, well, style your KURA bed, just with a lick of paint, or beautiful accessories for kids bedrooms;
I love the colours used below - a light blue paint (potentially Light Blue by Farrow & Ball - or similar) all over, using shades of mustard and ochre to add warmth. If I had to take a guess at where you could buy most of the items in this room....
- Canopy; Scandiborn
- Scalloped bed sheet; Swedish Linens
- Coloured Storage boxes; Aykasa Crates, simply Google "Aykasa Crates" to find a stockist
- Striped storage tubs; Oyoy Living Design
- Rattan kids chair; Bloomingville 
- Flag Bunting; Scandiborn - I think it may be by the brand Maileg... but could be wrong!ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
If you like the subtle paint tones above, but prefer a little less colour, the kids bedroom design below may appeal... paint your Kura bed off white or light grey, add a putty coloured canopy, cloud wallpaper / wall mural and add accessories in natural wood or rattan to finish. I appreciate they have added rods in the top gap, but if you didn't do these, I don't thing it would detract from the look too much. To achieve the gap, just don't screw in the white board provided with the bed;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Creating a play area under a bunk bed is a great way to free up much needed floor space in a small bedroom. The family below have managed to fit in a desk, reading nook and cushioned seating, making full use of the square footage.ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Keeping it simple below, with a punch of colour on the wall, vibrant linen duvet covers and added fun with striped pillow cases and sheets. Pop some contrasting bunting on the wall, for a colourful, but paired back look for your Scandi kids bed. I believe this image belongs to Petit & Small, a children's retailer based in the UK - I expect they sell the items in this image... with the exception of the rattan floor cushions, which are IKEA;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Back to neutral styling for those who love muted tones, bare wood and natural linens... by not adding the white panels to the bed, you're left with a minimalist wooden bunk bed - which will go in any kids interior! Here we see white walls, a neutral carpet (let's hop that's washable!) - the addition of the traditional style rug, with tones of dusky pink, ties in the colours in the patterned bed linen. I spy the IKEA KALAX and their wooden lamp here! Finish the look with rattan accessories like this hanging storage and dolls cot / crib;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
So I've cheated a little again - the KURA hack below, does contain a little DIY, BUT it's easy! Buy a roll of natural cane webbing, cut it to size and sandwich it between the white board and the wood... simples! These guys have kept their boho kids room styling simple with white walls, wall decals / stickers and fun accessories;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
A super easy hack that is sure to impress your little ones is.... adding a curtain! Use a curtain with open loops at the top, and simply slide them on... kids can create their own cozy, snuggly bed with privacy.... great if you have children sharing a room!ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Below is an official IKEA room... I saw this on their website and loved it - simple yeet effective decor. Paint the walls a dark navy blue, add star wall decals, cloud lamps and some cushioning for a play area underneath... easy, and ZERO DIY!ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
I adore this sofa area under the bunk (see below)... suitable for toddlers, all the way up to tweens - and maybe even some teenagers rooms! Easily achieve this look by adding a single mattress, either a striped fitted bed sheet or tuck fabric that you like around, then scatter throw cushions. Varying the size and texture of the fabrics is key here. I love the rust velvet with the dusky pink here!
Below is a perfectly Scandi example of how a simple DIY hack can transform a bed and space. Strips of plywood, cut to size and glued to the white KURA bed, creates a playful, but restful feel. Style with natural bare wood toys, an Ollie Ella rattan picnic tote, Ferm Living lion cushion, and you're good to go! On this example, they have kept the play area up top, and the bed on the bottom - I expect this would work for children who are getting up in the night for potty training, or simply not confident yet on the ladder. They beauty is, as they grow, you can switch this around - once they're a little more adventurous!ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
How cute is this... simply paint the bed ( I would use an eggshell paint by the way! It's much tougher on scuffs, but not nasty and shiny like a gloss... ewwww!)... add a curtain pole across the front and rear, and there you have it, a big girls room hideout, perfect for reading books under her little nightlight;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
For those who seek a sage green, with bare wood, scandi feel... this room below by @coco_homedeco is for you... Add IKEA IVAR cabinets under the bed for much needed storage. I've seen people convert these to mini wardrobes for kids - so many possibilities for storage ideas! This paint is similar to Treron or Pigeon by Farrow & Ball... any earthy grey / green will work to achieve this look;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
kids-bedroom-decor-ideas-kids-interiorsHow does this half and half paint effect have such a big impact on the bed?! Crazy, but for me, it immediately elevates it into looking more "chic". It looks like the chose the second ladder rung from the bottom as their height for the paint, and then continued that around the bed... so simplistic - be sure to tie your chosen paint colour in with accessories which compliment, else it won't have the desired effect;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Ok, these are for the DIY daring... or those who like to hire in a carpenter / handyman or handywoman! 
What child wouldn't like something that resembled a treehouse in their room?! These guys have added an IKEA step stool (BEKVAM) to help with climbing in and out;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Looks like someone is a dab-hand at woodwork here! a full - on house bed, complete with TROFAST stairs, plus storage;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Whilst I'm not a fan of the union jack flag below - I do applaud their imagination... let's face it - kids don't appreciate style - what they will see here is an awesome castle bed, where they have to crawl through a door to get to bed and a turret playhouse. Would I have loved this as a kid? Absolutely I would... I'd be Rapunzal - demanding a prince! Again, another set of Trofast storage stairs here... ahhhmen to the person at IKEA that designed those!ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
Ok, so, whilst the built in bed below is not a KURA... you could absolutely achieve this look using the KURA and TROFAST as a base. Use MDF to clad the front, cutting out an arch, or use the IKEA IVAR cabinet to the left as the cupboard, and cut an MDF or plywood arch for the righthand side, then paint all in the same colour. The rest is just cheap bits of finishing wood available at any DIY store. I would pad out the play area at the bottom, to protect their little knees and make it more inviting;ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
blog-jungle-nursery-animal-theme-babay-room-toddler-decor-boys-bedroom-decor-baby-girl-gender-neutral-giraffe-elephantBelow is another CGI image, but it demonstrates a very easy hack, made from cheap fencing panels. DO ensure your wooden panels are sanded and kiddie safe! How cute is the little window with the flower box?! I also love that they have added lights under the top bunk - making it a cozy, useable space at night time... what child wouldn't be chuffed with story time in here?ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed
I feel like I've done enough waffling now... so I will leave you with more inspirational kids bed hacks... of the KURA variety. I hope this blog helps spark your imagination on what can be achieved in a child's bedroom on a budget - and that an IKEA bed hack, doesn't have to be complicated to look impressive.ikea-kura-hack-kids-bedroom-bunk-bed-with-storage-underneath-diy-kids-bed