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    Pay-As-You-Go Interior design service
    Our “pay as you go” interior design service is an affordable way for you to gain on-going access to interior design and styling advice, without the big costs of a full consultation. There is no obligation to purchase my art.

    What is included for £55?

    1hr video call to look at and discuss one room, your needs for the room, issues that need overcoming and specific wants for a new look or direction for the interior. If you do not wish have a video call, you're welcome to send images and a video walk around ahead of the call - the time is yours to use however you wish

    Email after call to briefly summarise how to move forward with the room, links to relevant content discussed, basic mood board, Plus EXCLUSIVE discounts with large and boutique kids & nursery brands, including a huge 15% off at 

    Who is this service for? 

    The flexible nature of this decor consultation means it will suit a variety of needs. Below are a few examples:

    • Perhaps you’re part way through decorating a room, but need help pulling it all together with accessories and suggestions on layout
    • Help realising the potential of your blank canvas or empty room / improving layout
    • Suggestions on how to economise, reusing / up-cycling furniture you already have (if possible)
    • Suggestions on accessories and fixtures
    • Paint colour suggestions
    • Storage (if applicable)
    • Suggestions on how to achieve a look at a lower cost, switching out expensive brands for cheaper versions
    • Ideas on how to create a DIY built in bed / save space free up floor space for play
    • Styling advice

    What this service is not: 

    • This is not full interior design service. For the small fee I charge, I will not be supplying a floor plan
    • After the call, I will follow up with a brief email outlining what was discussed and links to products suggested with a basic mood board
    • Once the 1hr call has finished, any further advice will need to be booked and paid for via our "Top Up" options. You’re welcome to book in whenever you feel like you need a top up of advice or direction


    Ahead of your call, you will be sent an online form to complete which will ask for the following;

    • A list of topics / issues you would like to discuss
    • Idea of budget
    • If you hope to do any DIY or avoid entirely
    • You will be able to link to any Pinterest boards you have created (optional, but highly recommended) 

    In order to get the most from this service, please supply as much information as possible ahead of the call

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    Only UK unframed orders are printed in cm (all other countries are in inches), see below for the conversion:

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    12x16" / 30x40cm

    16x20" / 40x50cm

    18x24" / 45x60cm

    20x20" / 50x50cm

    20x28" / 50x70cm

    24x32" / 60x80cm

    24x36” / 60x90cm

    28x28" / 70x70cm

    28x40" / 70x100cm

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