Fun animal safari-themed room

Children absolutely love animal themed bedrooms - especially when they are filled to the brim with adorable, scandi inspired (and some-what kooky) knitted toys!

After receiving an overwhelming response on my Instagram page to the recent jungle room I designed - I decided I'd best share the finer details with you all...


Scandi Inspired Nursery Decor | Jungle Style here it is! Now, firstly, I feel I need to explain that this room has multiple functions; 

1. It has to function as a guest bedroom. We live in a wonky, 3 bed cottage in Devon and we need somewhere for our adult friends to snooze when they come to stay. I therefore needed a bed which was king sized, yet fun... and this Ikea bed fit the bill perfectly! I'll pop links to all the products at the end for you.

2. It's also where I stage and photograph all of my art, so it was key to have a blank canvas to work with, so that I can create many designs/themes easily within the one room.

3. Its final function is a glorified store room for all my lighting gear, props, cots and accessories for the photography work. Everything is cleverly tucked out of shot (and generally looks like a total pickle in-between shoots!)

But how you can design your own, I hear you ask?... well...

PAINT: I've kept the walls very neutral with an off-white paint. This is "Wevet" by Farrow & Ball. I had to do this as the walls needed to be a blank canvas for various room themes, so this colour will compliment absolutely everything. Using this colour means you can adorn the walls with art or wall stickers, but not have the re-paint the entire thing when you fancy a change. 

FLOORS: We rent this house, so I'm not about to go changing the carpets! They're a very bland beige colour, but seem to clash with everything - so one of my tricks, that I've used in all rental properties, is to cover up ugly flooring with the trusty Lohals rug from Ikea. They're so versatile and I have them everywhere in my house - I use them regularly to "zone" areas in rooms.

PINK CUPBOARD: This cute little cupboard is an Ikea hack - it's their Lixhult cupboard and it comes in a grey colour. I painted it in "Pink Ground" paint by Farrow & Ball - I was a tad lazy, didn't prime it and just slapped on the paint in an eggshell finish. The surface is a little slippy though, so I would recommend priming it first or using a metal specific paint in order to get a better finish. 

BED FRAME: I can't get enough of how good value Ikea is, so of course the bed is from there too! It's called "Gjora" and is £250 for a standard UK King size - it's incredibly sturdy and super easy to build (I could have done it myself, but Mr PiP wanted to join in too!). 

So, that's all the big parts of the room - now for the fun bits - the accessories!

Buying all the scandi-style accessories is my absolute favourite part of any room makeover - who doesn't enjoy shopping?! I've collated a list below for you of where everything was purchased;

NB - I do not accept gifted items. Everything from the bed, to the paint and the accessories has been sourced and paid for by myself/Pretty in Print Art. All opinions are my own and I'm simply showing you things I love which look fab with my art...

I hope that helps guys! Just get in touch, or comment below if you have any questions :)

Happy decorating!

Rachael xx