Dino Room Mood Board - Kids Bedroom


Dinosaur theme is HUGE right now - whether that's for your child's birthday party or bedroom decor... 

You know how much I love a good decor theme here at Pretty in Print, however, I strive to bring you inspirational interiors which you kids will adore, but aren't tacky as helllllll and won't clash with the rest of your beautiful home. 

I tend to keep my interior colour palettes muted and neutral (hi, I'm Rachael by the way!) - you'll never find brash, gaudy paint colours here... just shexy, classy tonal goodness to slather your walls in. I am a little bit pernickety when it comes to paint brands - I luuuurve Farrow & Ball and Lick... mainly because I can slap it on the walls without a care for priming and all that prepping jazz. I kid you not, I tried a Dulux paint once and totally lost my sh!t whilst applying coat SEVEN! Two coats of luxury paint brands, and you're good to go.... time is money people.

Riiiiight, so, which paint shades do I recommend for a perfectly prehistoric child's bedroom? Drum roll pleeeease.....

I was speaking with an interior design client the other day, she's based in the United States, and she had driven a round trip of several hours to get to a Farrow & Ball store, in order to get the paint colour I recommended on a blog. Bless you Jennifer - I couldn't be more impressed with your commitment to the cause of gorgeous interiors... HOWEVER, there is a better way people! If like Jennifer, your efforts to have a paint colour matched fails (paint matching often can't get the same depth of colour), you may find the website below useful, especially if you're trying to find a similar Farrow & Ball colour in Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Valspar. You can also just Google example; "Treron Farrow & Ball in Benjamin Moore", or similar;




I know you what you're all thinking... "what is that pouffe thing?!"... isn't is cool?! If you'd not figured it out, it's a mossy rock - I mean, of course! What child doesn't want to sit and read their dinosaur book whilst perched on a mossy rock cushion? You'll be very excited to hear that Lorena Canals also offer a mossy style rug too, so if a floor cushion doesn't fit your interior scheme, then perhaps this rug is a goo alternative. For this scheme though, I've gone with a plain, off white rug by Lorena Canals - her rugs are washable too, so easy to clear up after your messy dinky dino's.kids-room-decor-ideas

I decided to choose the Lorena Canals Woolable Washable Rug Enkang in Large size for this room. It's a beautiful off-white rug, which is soft enough that your little ones can play on it, without it being scratchy on their skin. Adding a rug like this to the room adds warmth, texture and playfulness. Looking at it from a child's eye, the flattened stripes would be rugged roadways through a volcanic landscape - where their dinosaur toys chase the Land Rover wooden car... very Jurassic Park!rugs-for-kids-bedrooms-nursery

Next up, is possibly the cutest toy - EVER! I found Grovely Wood 4x4 pickup toys via @home.with.nicci (she also runs a kids interior design service! TAP HERE). If your going for our dinosaur art, teamed with the Land Rover Defender prints, this toy is a must... it would also make a beautifully unique gift for any 4x4 off road, or horse loving child. Available in various shades of greens, blues, red and pink AND with the option to have a personalised number plate - so fun!


Dinosaur toys... my god, there are a lot to choose from, aren't there! Below are a set I found on dinosaurtoysonline.co.uk, at only £26.55 for the set, I felt they were good value - the set includes five firm favourites - Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex with articulated jaw, Brachiosaurus and a Velociraptor.

If you're after a XXL or over sized dinosaur toy, Smyths Toys have the Jurassic World giant dinosaur models. They offer smaller versions too, all with moveable heads, tails and legs.

Trying to avoid plastic toys? No problem, check out some of my favourites below;

ABOVE: Wooden dinosaur toy models | Soft Plushie Dinosaur Stegosaurus | Set of 3 Mini Felt Dinosaur toys - all from the Bobby Rabbit Dinosaur collection HERE

ABOVE: Knitted / Crochet Dinosaur Toys, both by Liewood

For more toy ideas, visit our other Dino blog HERE

These striped wall letters, by Rosie Meringue, have been one of my all-time favourite things to use as wall decor in kids bedrooms. You can spell out any word you like, and easily stick them to the wall using command sticky strips - they don't leave any marks, and are easily removed. Rosie offers these letters in small, medium and large, so no matter the size of the room you're working with, there's something for everyone. Ideas for dinosaur themed words or quotes are:






Talking of kids wall decor, I had probably better mention my art! To carry on the theme above, it's been a ROARING success since I launched my dinosaur wall art - kids love teaming it with the Land Rover Defender jeeps, for that 4x4 Jurassic Park feel. My artwork is hand illustrated by me, here in the UK, and I work with a large manufacturer, who prints it onto fine art paper, using giclee inks, which don't fade. These guys are professional fine art printers - and if you chose a framed print, each frame is handmade to order - the print is then adhered onto a foam backing board before being sealed into the frame. With teams based in the UK, USA, EU and Australia, we can produce and ship your order locally, cutting out air miles and import charges. 

Right, enough waffle... here are some pretty pics of my illustrations;

You can shop the entire dinosaur art collection by tapping on any image above, or HERE.

I don't like to make my blogs too long, and I know most of you just like the shopping links ;) So... below is a link to my first dinosaur bedroom blog, where I show you a budget version and splurge version of a dino room for kids. There are a lot more interior accessories like cushions, lights, furniture etc. in that blog - tap the image below to read:

....and I'll sign off, leaving with you with a couple more shoppable mood boards - enjoy!